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A letter has been received from Lucas Johnson Business Recovery and Insolvency Company. The letter received has been placed on the website for staff who were employed at Carson House to download if they have been unable to collect one from Carson House.

A statement from David Messenger has been added to the website.

Lucas Johnson have posted letters out to staff. A second letter and form to be completed should follow shortley along with guidance on how to complete the form that is received.

Latest News

Lucas Johnson, Business Recovery & Insolvency have been appointed to act as the creditors for Regalcounty Limited.
Please see the link below to see and download a copy of the letter received

LINK TO: Letter from Lucas Johnson

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Below will be posted links to any information that maybe useful for all staff in dealing with the redundancy procedures that are happening now.

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Any other information that might be useful for staff will be posted here with links to it. If staff want any information then e-mail the information to the e-mail addresses provided and we will try to provide links and information via this site.

Northwest Tonight broadcast.

Please see the broadcast by the BBC's Northwest Tonight regarding Carson House Care Centre.

Statement from David Messenger – Management at Carson House Care Home.

" We write following a number of very positive meetings with the staff team of Carson House this week (beginning 1st October 2018). We discussed all their concerns and we explained in detail what had happened to Carson House supplying documentary evidence to confirm all. We urge anyone who didn’t attend these meetings to speak to either myself, or those in attendance. Since these meeting everyone has a much better understanding as to what has happened, the reason for the closure, and how salaries etc will be addressed and paid by the accountants in line with insolvency law.

Background… A large financial institution took over control of Carson House along with a number of other care home assets in September 2016, which we had run successfully with CQC accreditation for a number of years. The background is involved, but suffice to say their appointment of Receivers at that time, and in turn a management company to assist, proved a disaster for the home’s smooth running; with a notice of closure being issued against two of the homes. We were therefore asked to step back in with their full agreement, with certain conditions attached, these included the financial institution providing additional funding to address the essential and priority works to help improve the home and the removal of the closure notices, to ensure the financial viability. We appointed new staff and turned around the delivery of care, with it being complimented by many visitors and professionals alike. However, the funding for the improvement works that were essential to complete the turnaround, was sadly never forthcoming, even though they retained full exclusive rights to the property. Tameside and CQC raised concerns regarding the delays to the work, which we relayed to the financial institution, however the refusal to make the funds available continued, they also refused financial backed offers from us and staff to buy the property. As it was planned to make Carson House a works conglomerate with the loyal staff at Carson House being given shares in the new business following the purchase.

As matters moved on, and after numerous attempts to resolve these important issues with the home ‘s funders, The funders simply refused to respond in a positive manner, advising us they had no obligation to sell the home to ourselves and the staff. Stating in one response received “Get on with doing our job!! as we are have no obligation to sell the home to you, and if you can’t run the home, we will close it, and just return the Keys” We were therefore forced to take steps to close the home, with Tameside the contacting authority deciding to remove all the clients. As a result, all clients were assessed and told to move to alternative accommodation. Naturally we and the staff were devastated, but also had a number of concerns regarding the process and how the clients were being treated by some of the social work team, making it not only distressing for the clients and their families, but also for very upsetting for our caring staff at Carson House. However, with the issues with the financial institution, combined with low fees being paid for the care across all UK services we had no option than to close the home after taking insolvency advice.

We fully understand how this has affected our staff lives, the lives of our much loved clients, please understand that none of this was intended or even foreseen, especially in the way the funders would eventually behave, with legal action being considered against them.

Our staff members are now fully aware that they can contact us at any time, we are always available for them. We have spoken with them around creating a care agency, thus enabling the staff team at Carson House to continue to work together in supplying quality care and services to the local area."

David Messenger

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